Equipment needed

Note: * items are the only items needed for the MHFMS; all other items are needed for the Extend modules. A blue mat works best if you plan on taping your assessments.
*1. 4' X 6' high density mat (or a plinth with a medium to high density mat covering).
*2. Stopwatch
*3. Athletic Arm band - 2 (not required, but will help to easily distinguish left from right during testing)
*4. Measuring tape
5. Child and adolescent adjustable sized benches or chairs of various heights to fit individual being tested
6. Adjustable height Table Mate or other adjustable table top to fit individual being tested
7. Foam seat and foot blocks as necessary to provide adequate support in sitting when needed
8. 4 standard size stairs with rails
9. Timer
10. Blue masking/painter's tape
11. Clear hallway/ 30 foot walk pathway
12. 9 Hole Peg Test
13. Dycem or other non-skid pad
14. 10 ounce 2 handled non-spill cup with lid filled with water to 8 ounce marker line
15. 8 ounce round Ziploc container with lid
16. 4" X 6" precut paper
17. 1 pair of Fiskars blunt tip scissors
18. Nut & bolt
19. 10 pennies
20. 1 non skid mat with marked penny and container placement on one side, white on the reverse side
21. Resistive pinch pins (mark force weight on each pin w/ permanent marker). There are a total of 5
22. Clear ruler with premarked 2" line
23. Dowel rod and dowel rod frame

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